Project and Entrepreneurial Support


Project support for real estate and development companies,

The office specializes in guiding entrepreneurs in complex real estate projects, spanning from land acquisition to the registration of a condominium.

This includes assistance in the land acquisition agreement process, which at times sets the tone for the subsequent stages.
We provide support in financing and banking processes, project planning, obtaining permits, including planning and construction procedures, guiding sales agreements with buyers, drafting agreements with suppliers and contractors, dealing with various units, obtaining occupancy certificates (Form #4) and registering a condominium.

Throughout the project we are supporting, we ensure availability for clients and apartment buyers for any legal issues that may arise, emphasizing customer service and identifying client needs.

The office accompanied numerous mixed – use building projects, including residential and hotel complexes, among them projects of public companies.

Projects include, for example, the Lighthouse project in Bat Yam, consisting of 225 residential units, a hotel and commercial areas by the YBOX company, and the Elad – Modi’in project by Ran–Or Engineering Construction and Investments Ltd, featuring 80 apartments and commercial spaces.


Urban renewal,

Projects for urban renewal are inevitable, dictated by reality and that require practical implementation skills and a deep understanding of the complex processes in the field of urban renewal.

It is important to remember that every urban renewal project affects the current residents of the area, and therefore, a deep understanding of the limitations and needs of the existing residents is required as a condition for implementing the project.
In our office, we have the ability to bridge the gaps that may arise between entrepreneurs and residents.
We take into account the needs of the population, the environment and society And we aspire to implement creative solutions that will advance the community and meet its needs while fully understanding the economic importance of the project for the entrepreneurs.

An example of a Urben renewal project that the company accompanies is the KKL project in Bat Yam, which involves converting 82 existing housing units in 4

buildings into 300 housing units.


NOP 38,

National Outline Plan, which is still relevant these days, is intended to encourage and promote the reinforcement of buildings in Israel that do not meet the regulatory requirements for earthquake resilience.
The plan allows apartment owners of old buildings to obtain building permits for reinforcement work in the building, while receiving tax benefits and significant exemptions.

Recently, there has been uncertainty regarding the continuity of the plan due to government decisions, however, as of February 2024 it is still in effect.

Our team specializes in representing and accompanying entrepreneurs and residents within the framework of National Outline Plan.
We provide professional legal advice and assist our clients in navigating the complex
system of the process, laws, and regulations involved.
We are attentive to the needs of each client and offer professional and tailored solutions for each case, with an emphasis on efficient and responsible management of the NOP 38 processes until the completion of the project and obtaining impressive results.


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