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Israeli law firm specializing in real estate and commercial law, established in 2009.
Our mission is to operate with innovation and initiative to make an unwavering effort to find legal solutions for our clients while maintaining values of courtesy, fairness, and transparency.

Doron Talvi

Lawyer, partner, and co-founder of the law firm Talvi Kaufman & Co.

Doron Talvi is a leading attorney in the field of commercial law, projects, and represents various companies and entities in complex legal disputes in Israel and around the world.
Lawyer Doron Talvi oversees a number of complex projects in the real estate field from their inception to completion, whether in residential (including redevelopment)and in the commercial field.
Specializing in guiding projects from the initial stages of land acquisition planning to the final stage of registering the common house, including aspects of planning and construction, real estate taxation, agreements with subcontractors, and serving clients needs comprehensively.

Doron has extensive experience representing large private and public companies in complex cases in tribunals and various courts.

Provides clients with comprehensive and ongoing legal advice in a wide range of aspects, including contract negotiation with complex agreements, preliminary negotiations management, legal risk management, crisis management, various employment contract issues, administrative matters with authorities, and more.
All of this is done with a strong sense of responsibility towards clients and the identification of creative solutions.

Lawyer Doron Talvi is a reserve officer with the rank of Captain and served as a combat officer in the IDF for many years.

In recent years, he volunteers as a team commander in the IDF’s Etan Unit (Missing Persons Search and Rescues).

He like to surf, dive, and sea enthusiast.

Bachelor of Laws, 2003 (LL.B)
Master of Business Administration with honors (M.B.A.)

Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2005, experience as a member of the Planning and Construction Committee of the Bar Association.

Languages: Hebrew, English.

Yitzhak Kaufman

Lawyer, partner, and co-founder at the law firm Talvi Kaufman & Co.

Lawyer Yitzhak Kaufman manages the real estate department at the office.
In this capacity, Yitzhak represents, leads, and manages complex real estate transactions and significant projects in the real estate field.
Among other things, Yitzhak specializes in overseeing extensive projects ranging from residential to commercial and office spaces, as well as guiding real estate financing transactions.

For lawyer Yitzhak Kaufman, expertise, unwavering professionalism, and many years of legal representation experience characterize his approach to conflict resolution.

He emphasizes a warm and personalized approach, sharp legal thinking, creative assertiveness, and a commitment to achieving the optimal solution tailored to the individual needs and goals of each client.

Lawyer Yitzhak served as a paratrooper in the IDF.

In his personal life, Yitzhak likes diving, reading books, history and challenging sports.

Education: Shaar Mishpat College, 2004 (LL.B.)Bar Ilan University, 2010 (M.B.A.)

Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2009, member of the Urban Renewal Committee at the Bar Association.

Languages: Hebrew, English.

Orah Blum

Lawyer at the law firm Talvi Kaufman & Co.

After studying law at the Hebrew University, Orah specialized at the law firm Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion in the areas of litigation and infrastructure.

After specializing, Orah worked as an attorney at the law firm Talvi Kaufman & Co.
For about 3 years, focusing mainly on real estate and litigation.

After a hiatus of several years during which she studied and worked in advertising and copyrighting, Orah returned to work as an attorney in the office.

Orah served in the army in the education corps, in the position of command and training for new immigrants.

Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (2014).

Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2015.

Languages: Hebrew, English.

Coral Aharon

She is a law graduate from the University of Haifa, specializes in real estate matters, working with governmental bodies, the Land Registry Office, the Planning and Zoning Authority, and similar entities.

In the office, Coral handles real estate transactions, sales contracts, lease agreements, registration of joint houses, and more.

Coral served as a victim advocate in the Paratroopers Brigade during her military service and was the right hand of the officer in all matters related to bereaved families, memorials, and commemorating the fallen soldiers of the brigade.
After completing her service, she began her legal studies.
Today Coral resides in Tel Aviv.

In her free time, she enjoys baking, spending time with family, meeting friends, traveling, and of course, indulging in sweets.

Languages: Hebrew, English.

Shay Strikovsky

She is a graduate of the “Erez Be’er Sheva” preparatory program and served as a logistics sergeant in the Intelligence Corps.
After her military service, she traveled for half a year in South America.

Shay manages the office, overseeing its day-to-day operations, providing support to the staff, handling logistics, and more.

In her free time, Shay loves to create jewelry, go to the beach, cook, practice yoga, and travel with her family.

Languages: Hebrew, English.

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