About Us

Our way,

Our approach is primarily derived from a deep understanding that we provide services to individuals, whether they are companies or other entities, private or public.
We all have dreams and aspirations to fulfill, ambitious plans that will advance us and our families.
However, we also want to feel secure and at peace, knowing that risks are calculated and defined.
We may all encounter challenging situations in business, work or family life, that we would prefer not to be in them or at least navigate through them quickly with as little emotional distress and financial damage as possible.


In our office, we prioritize getting to know you, or your company and its organizational culture, so we can understand what matters to you, and your dreams, desires, and goals.
This way, we can provide you with precise and tailored legal advice.
We believe that personal and unique care for each client is crucial for legal success, granting the client peace of mind and some certainty in their legal situation.
The “dry” laws or past similar experiences do not necessarily dictate the right legal solution for you, and we place great emphasis on this integration.
We see ourselves as partners in the challenge that brought you to us, treating it as our own and feeling a significant responsibility to provide the most effective solutions.


We highly value time, both yours and ours.
We are people who spend many hours a day working and also have families, friends, dreams, and challenges, just like our clients.
In practice, it turns out that we give our office employees their private space out of a belief that it impacts their abilities to provide you with excellent and heartfelt service and perform tasks in the best possible manner.
This means that our clients receive flexibility and support from our office employees, whether during convenient hours or for actions required of us.
The fact that we care about our people balancing work and personal life ensures that when they provide service to clients, they are truly present and give their full attention to them.


We encourage our team to develop their strengths, ensuring that our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in the real estate and commercial field.
They possess a high ability to provide comprehensive and creative solutions.
This means that alongside you, there are individuals who are not only well-trained but also passionate about their work.



There are almost always additional factors involved in the work for you banks, other lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, brokers, agents and professionals in the real estate field.
For each entity related to you, we do our utmost to assist them in fulfilling their role in the puzzle for you.
We always believe in collaboration and finding mutually beneficial solutions where possible, especially considering the economic cost of legal battles.
However, if things become less idyllic and your rights and interests are threatened, rest assured that we will fight for you in the best possible way, with determination to achieve a legal victory and reach the goal.



Our Values

Are both our driving force and the compass that simplifies our decision making.

Three central values define our approach,



We find ourselves in a position to influence crucial decisions in people’s lives.
This not only requires us to provide excellent legal advice and work but also to ensure that the overall experience for our clients is positive and enjoyable throughout our journey together.



We take pride in the high legal and personal capabilities of our team, assisting them in continually developing their skills,
Professionalism is the cornerstone of our work for you.


Above all, Integrity

If we say we will do something, we expect to follow through.
If, for any reason, we cannot fulfill a commitment, we are committed to communicating that.
While there may be situations where we initially commit to something but later find out, for various reasons beyond our control, that we cannot deliver, in such cases, we are committed to being honest and conveying that information promptly.

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