Real Estate Law


Real Estate Taxation,

Our team will provide the client with professional legal consultation regarding the property and the relevant transaction, emphasizing the client’s duties and rights.

We will prepare the relevant documents and submit them to the tax authority while conducting follow ups and maintaining communication with the authority to ensure the process’s validity.
If required, we will represent the client in court and advocate for in relevant matters.
We will provide the client with professional assistance and tailored advice.


Construction planning and construction licensing

Planning, construction, and building permits are crucial processes in the field of construction and urban development.
They assist in ensuring the legality, quality, and safety in implementing construction and development projects.

In our office, we will provide you legal consultation regarding licensing, planning, and construction processes.
This consultation includes clarifying the rights and obligations of the client, planning principles, and the necessary procedures to obtain relevant approvals and licenses.

We will represent you before the planning and building authorities to ensure that requests and permits are obtained in the most comprehensive manner that considers both the client’s needs and the project.

Over the years, our office has also managed legal proceedings concerning betterment levies, compensation under Section 197 of the Planning and Building Law, expropriation compensation, and objections to building plans on behalf of landowners and other stakeholders.







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