Real Estate Business


Commercial Sector,

Commercial law is a central tool for the success of businesses and the protection of business rights.
Our office specializes in this field and has a deep understanding of transaction processes and commercial laws.
Within our services, we provide professional consultation in commercial law, assist and accompany in establishing companies in Israel and abroad among other services.
Additionally, we provide legal advice to companies in the areas of corporate law, labor law, and contracts.



Sales, purchase and rental transactions,

Our team possesses extensive knowledge in the field of sales, purchases and leasing transactions.
We specialize in guiding buyers and sellers of second hand apartments and constructing contracts for them in the real estate sector.
We assure our clients that they can focus on their core activities while we take care of every step of the process, starting from negotiations to
achieving the agreement.

We are prepared to tackle any challenge that arises during the transaction, accompany clients at every stage and provide guidance and advice whenever needed.
Additionally, we will assist in managing registration processes and provide effective and personalized solutions for each client.



Condominium registration

Our team has deep and comprehensive knowledge in matters related to the registration and legal process of a
condominium, and assists in ensuring legal validity for the transaction and the rights of residents in shared houses.
We offer personalized and tailored service to meet the needs of the client, assisting in obtaining legal validity for the registration process and guaranteeing professional representation if required in all legal proceedings.

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